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2D Game Artist

Location: İstanbul

Employment Type: Contracted

We're looking for teammates with a good grasp of composition, colour, artwork and visual design, and the in-game models and collaboration needed to help realize the game's vision.

Note: External program knowledge directly related to the job preferably makes you stand out.

Job Description

  • Able to create high-quality environmental concepts such as scenes, landscapes and buildings,

  • 2D design skills and an understanding of stylization for video games,

  • Presenting inspiring illustrations,

  • Able to express ideas clearly and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams,

  • With visual problem-solving skills,

  • We are looking for teammates who believe in work ethic and self-motivation.


  • Over two years of experience creating concept art for games, animations or movies

  • Proficiency in Photoshop and willingness to learn new tools,

  • Having 3D knowledge and using it in concept workflow,

  • Has sufficient knowledge of anatomy, shape design, perspective, drawing, composition and color

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