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​Destiny Tablets
Ancient Enemies

Destiny Tablets opened. Worlds are merging. Kings, commanders and savages. Join our community to be one of the winners!

"We design entertainment
We walk to the future"

We are a game company that sets out a global growth strategy and vision and is committed to ethical and decent business values. We use some of our income to increase biodiversity and create social impact. Click the button below to get to know us and learn more about our story.


Our games

You will learn while having fun, develop while learning.

We produce content that you can contribute.



​Get ready for the exciting journey of the scouts with “Little Scout: A Camping Adventure”. Have fun and become the hero of the townspeople while you learn with fun intermediate games.

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Idle/City Building

To save the city, we need solar panels, wind turbines, recycling facilities and above all, but the most important thing is a visionary like you.


Hire professionals, collaborate with activists and use clean technologies to build a sustainable city in Idle of Carbon City!

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Back to the Igloo Town


Our hero Karpok will lead the salvation of his tribe, realizing that the waters are starting to rise as a result of natural global warming. They must build a ship and emigrate to Alaska before it's too late.

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Codename ERIM 

Role Playing, Turn-Based Strategy

Ereshkigal's anger will burn the pantheon. The Dark Goddess and her army march on Sumer to destroy the Gods.

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Do you want to be in the Dreams team?

We invite everyone who wants to add madness to the mobile game world to the privileged world of Lugal Games. Visit our careers page for job opportunities.

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