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We are revolutionizing the gaming world with our exciting contents and artistic approach.

Our story is old, but our ventures are very new.

As Lugal Games, named after the Sumerians who used writing for the first time, set off with the vision of hammering a few nails into history. The 4000-year-old pictograph that makes up our logo expresses growth with strong roots, just like our goal and dream, while keeping our greener planet motivation alive.

From the beginning of human history to the present, we attach great importance to storytelling, which distracts us from everyday problems and keeps us excited. That's why we pride ourselves on the fact that each of our teammates is good storytellers, let alone talented and high-valued.

In addition, our founders' years of knowledge and experience in the field of sustainability for more than ten years have enabled us to focus on the effects of the digital world on climate change. In this way, our interest in responsible content understanding has become the corporate culture of Lugal Games.

Strategic Management of Lugal Games

Our Vision

Our desire to be a technology company with the goal of sustainable growth is increasing day by day.
We adopt the understanding of reducing carbon footprint and serving the net zero target in our activities,
our company and the core team that makes up its story, to create a better, fun and sustainable
works for the world.

Our Policy

​We are constantly improving our games for long-term success.

We care about your feedback and take quick steps to improve it for a better user experience in our games. We are aware that a purely commercial-oriented gaming experience is extremely inconvenient.

With an outside-in management approach, we take advantage of the fact that our entire team is good mobile and console players. In this way, we create fluent and enjoyable content by benefiting from their and yours experiences.

Our Management Team

Meet our team that contributes to the realization of Lugal Games' goals and always raises the bar in game development.

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Our Istanbul Studio

We welcome everyone who wants to be a partner in our story to our Istanbul office.

We want to work with you

We invite everyone who wants to add madness to the mobile game world to the privileged world of Lugal Games. Visit our careers page for job opportunities.

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