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“Next generation gaming experience…”

Destiny Tablets : Ancient Enemies

Destiny tablets opened. History's craziest, most powerful, and even the most unfortunate kings, princes, commanders and most ruthless savages come together.


Join our community to take your place in this fighting arena. 

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The portal has been opened. Kings, princes, commanders and savages await you in the arena.

Take Your Place in the Arena

Take your place in the arena to have unique items belonging to the strongest, most ruthless, most virtuous, greatest warriors in history.

Earn While Playing

Build collections, win and use them to rise in the arena!

Join Our Discord

Join Discord to learn more details about the game and take advantage of the first opportunities.


The game world is on the verge of a big change and we have a team with amazing skills in this regard.

Aiming to offer next-generation gaming experiences with cryptocurrencies, NFTs and DeFi, Lugal Games produces content in the blockchain world where players can earn while playing and obtain digital goods.

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